About InterPlay

Unlock the Wisdom of Your Body

InterPlay is a philosophy and technique based in the creative arts. We use simple practices based on the elements of storytelling, dance, singing, and reflection to create in the moment in an easy, improvisational way. As we express ourselves with our physicality and witness others doing so, we begin to access the wisdom contained in our own bodies. It is designed to help people build community, integrate body and spirit, and lead their lives with artfulness.

Simple, Profound Ideas and Practices

InterPlay’s activities and underlying principles have been developed into a comprehensive system based in simplicity. Its incremental approach enables all types of participants to have fun in supportive and affirming environments. Participants are encouraged to set aside any sense that they need to do things perfectly or correctly, or that they need to entertain or impress others. This approach to self-expression enables people to experience ease as they freely explore whatever interests them while doing each activity.

Any Body Can Do It

You don’t need to think of yourself as being creative to do InterPlay, but chances are you’ll find you are much more creative than you think! You are likely to find that there is great wisdom in your body. That wisdom may be in the form of memories, movements, rhythms, and countless other types of experiences you have accumulated throughout the course of your life. In addition to being fun, opening and exploring your body wisdom can provide a path to reducing stress and generating more ease in your life.

A Little Structure, a Lot of Freedom

At InterPlay events, certified leaders guide participants through activities that are focused on self-expression, but in ways that don’t require particular skill, or even nerve. For example, one activity may have each participant tell another person about an everyday experience, while another activity may have two people discover the many ways that their hands can move together. Individuals will have a variety of experiences by themselves, with partners, in small groups, and in the whole group.

In addition to public events, InterPlay offers workshops, retreats, and extended programs where people can dive deeper into this practice. You are invited to join us for one of our upcoming events. We believe you’ll be happy you did!

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