InterPlay Leader Training Program

What is the underlying structure and philosophy behind the InterPlay system?
How are the forms structured?
How do they work together?
What is the ultimate outcome or effect of using InterPlay forms?
How do you determine which forms to do at what time?

These are a few of the questions that will be answered in the InterPlay Leader Training Program. This program will provide you with skills to effectively lead InterPlay forms and practices in a variety of settings. It includes presentation, self-study, interaction, play, and practice teaching. It can be done in a variety of locations around the country.

You will learn how to create a welcoming and affirming atmosphere, present InterPlay forms and principles clearly, take incremental steps, attend to the energy and pacing of the group, elicit noticings of body data, knowledge, and wisdom, lead focus sessions, deal with resistance, and take care of yourself emotionally and physically.

You will learn about organizing InterPlay events: finding space, setting fees, promoting your activities, creating mailing lists, and following up with participants. 

InterPlay Leader Training Program includes: 

  • acquiring and demonstrating a basic understanding of the core set of InterPlay forms and tools in a self-study format

  • a multiple-day retreat called “The Secrets of Leading InterPlay” which will provide an overview of the InterPlay system and how it works

  • a multiple-day event called “The InterPlay Teaching Practicum” providing practice teaching opportunities and direct reflection on teaching skills

  • mentored teaching where participants lead a number of InterPlay events and then reflect on them in writing and/or conversation with an InterPlay mentor.

An additional component of Leader Training is to take part in an InterPlay “Untensive” preferably outside of your region to give you a chance to connect with InterPlayers from other parts of the world. This component is satisfied if you have attended an Untensive prior to enrolling in the Leader Training Program.

A prerequisite for participating in the InterPlay Leader Training Program is to take the InterPlay Life Practice Program. It is possible to begin the Leader Training Program while you are still in the Life Practice Program. To become a certified InterPlay® leader, one completes both of these Programs, joins the InterPlay Leaders Circle, and covenants to return a percentage of InterPlay® income to Body Wisdom, Inc.

Program Elements

Knowing the InterPlay forms

Participants in the InterPlay Leader Training Program will be asked to demonstrate an understanding of and ability to reproduce the steps involved in teaching the core set of InterPlay forms and tools. The only way to get the forms “in your body” is through repetition. Participants will be responsible for this process assisted by self–study guides that Body Wisdom, Inc. will provide. The self–study must be completed before taking the Teaching Practicum and could be initiated and/or completed before taking The Secrets of Leading InterPlay.

Secrets of Leading InterPlay

Secrets Two is a multi-day workshop that covers the underlying structure and philosophy behind the InterPlay® system. How are the forms structured? How do they work together? What is the ultimate outcome or effect of using InterPlay forms? How do you figure out which forms to do at what time? What is the nature of the relationship between leader and participant? How do you deal with people you find challenging? The workshop includes presentation, interaction, and play. “Secrets of Leading InterPlay®” is offered several times a year in various locations around the country. 

Teaching Practicum

The Teaching Practicum is a multi–day workshop that includes practice teaching with self–evaluation and feedback from leaders and other participants, information on best practices in designing and leading InterPlay events, and teaching resources such as sample class outlines. The Teaching Practicum will be offered in different locations at least two times a year.

Mentored Teaching

Leaders-in-training will be asked to arrange five practice teaching situations, where they will receive feedback from a participant/observer of their choosing, preferably an InterPlayer. Participants will then be asked to reflect on their experiences in conversaton or writing, including the feedback they have received. A designated mentor will respond to these reflections in conference with the participant. Three of the events must be at least 20 minutes in length. One must be at least an hour, and one must be at least two hours in length. Any of these events can be a piece of another workshop, so for example, you could teach for 20 minutes as part of someone else’s class, or you could teach for two hours during an Untensive that someone else is leading.

Leader Training Program Costs

The tuition for the InterPlay Leader Training Program is $1600. A $100 deposit is required at the time of enrollment. Also, tuition payments will be due at the time you take the Secrets of Leading ($400) and the Teaching Practicum ($400). A payment plan for the balance of the program tuition must be in place by the time you take the Teaching Practicum. Automatic monthly payments can be set up by credit card through the Body Wisdom office or you can arrange that automatic checks be sent by your bank.

An additional charge for room and board (if an event is residential) and any supplied meal costs (if an event is non-residential) may apply at the time of registering for either the Secrets of Leading InterPlay or the Teaching Practicum. This amount may vary in different locations depending on local arrangements.

Special deal for grads 

We have a special tuition rate for anyone who is already certified as an InterPlay leader regardless of the version of the program you went through. We have new information and resources that will enhance your teaching. If you have not taught much InterPlay or have not taught recently, you may appreciate this way of bringing your skills up to date.

Cost of enrolling in the Leader Training Program for previously certified leaders is $1000 and includes tuition for the Secrets of Leading InterPlay and the Teaching Practicum, the Mentored Teaching experience and a copy of the InterPlay Core Elements Self-Study. Cost of attending either the Secrets of Leading InterPlay or the Teaching Practicum is $350 per event. Cost of doing the Mentored Teaching component is $350.

If you have not taught much InterPlay or have not taught recently, it is highly recommended that you enroll in the entire Program. We have new information and resources that will enhance your teaching.


To enroll in the Leader Training Program, send $100 to Body Wisdom, Inc. at 2273 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612. Checks can be made out to Body Wisdom, Inc. You may also call the office at 510/465-2797 to charge your enrollment fee by phone using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.